Frequently Asked Questions :

What is Counseling?

It is the process of assisting and guiding clients, especially by a trained person on a professional basis, to resolve personal, social and psychological problems / difficulties.

Who requires Counseling?

Sometimes when talking to family or friends does not help, and  feasible solutions cannot be obtained
then a Professional Counsellor is recomended

What are the two important aspects of Counseling?

It’s a relationship of trust and total confidentiality. The professional counselor helps the clients to see the problem clearly and guide him to come up with solutions most suitable, bringing about a positive change.

Why go to an outsider for help?

Certain problems cannot be discussed with family and friends, because they tend to be judgemental as emotions are involved . But a professional Psychologist is objective in her approach and helps the client identify strategies to deal with your problem objectively.


My wife and I don’t get  along. Our marriage is breaking. How do we save it?

Yes, it will definitely help. Generally, each of you will be counseled individually following which, joint sessions will be held to re-establish communication and begin the healing process.

My child has become very stubborn and aggressive. He is very rude. Will counseling help?

Yes, it will help as there is always a root cause for such behavior. By delving deep into the child's psychology through certain professional techniques, the problem can be identified and solved.

My boyfriend and I are in a live in relationship. Recently a lot of misunderstandings have come up. Will counseling help?

Most certainly. Counseling provides a platform where individual thoughts & feelings can be expressed confidentially. These emotions can then be properly communicated to each other in a clear manner
without any misconceptions.

I’m getting married. Do you think pre-marital counseling will help avoid problems that may occur in the future?

Pre marital counseling is extremely helpful in today’s context. Often the boy and girl, especially in arranged marriages, come from different families with different values and attitudes.
Counseling enables the couple to understand each other better, preparing them to tackle problems in a mature manner.

My child is suddenly refusing to go to school, his marks have greatly decreased. What should I do?
Children who often avoid going to school by making silly excuses may be experiencing problems at school. Professional Counseling can help identify the reasons and if necessary cooperation from the
school will also be taken, so that the child's education does not suffer.

I am an Alcoholic/ Drug addict. Will counseling help me overcome it?

Alcoholics/ Drug addicts will be required to go through de-addiction medically, following which counseling will help them rebuild their lives and overcome day-to-day problems.

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