Psychological Counseling:

In life many a times we are faced with unexpected / traumatic events like

  • Death
  • Loss of some kind
  • Career problems
  • Marriage incompatability
  • Children etc...

Most of the time we have the ability to solve them on our own,BUT sometimes these problems can  get way above us.

At such times,if it can be discussed with a Trained Professional Psychologist,these issues can be settled amicably and peace and balance can be restored.


Types of Psychological Counseling:


Individual Counseling:

       It is a one- to- one counseling whereby the individual works on the specific problem he or she is facing.

Some of the common problems include:

Stress School Related Problems Anxiety Work Related Problems
Self Esteem Relationship Issues Depression Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities
Friendship Issues Lack of Motivation Anger Management Memory


Family Counseling:

Nowadays, the  concept of unit family, unlike the olden days where joint family system existed, has come into existence. With the busy work schedules we face often there is no time left to spend with the family resulting in conflicts due to lack of communication.

Sometimes special issues crop up like:

  • Problem with in-laws
  • Problem with adolescents/ older children
  • Disruption after separation/ divorce
  • Re- marriage
  • Drug/alcohol abuse

    A Professional Counsellor, by exploring parental issues, communication problems, personality of the individuals in the family, will help them come up with behaviour, changes to restore the balance and peace in the family.


Some of the problems that could be resolved with professional help are..

Work Stress
Emotional Abuse
Loss of loved ones/ Trauma
Sexual Abuse
Eating Disorders
Alcohol/Drug Abuse


Marital / Couple Counseling:

Often there is breakdown in communication because in most marriages, the couple comes from two different backgrounds.They come with their individual views, values, which could create conflicts.

A Professional Counsellor, through individual and joint counselling will help the couple come up with problem solving techniques.

Sometimes special issues like the following also result in conflicts:

  • Anger
  • Extra marital affair
  • Loss of sexual attraction
  • When couple stays together for children’s sake
  • When they know what the problem is , but don’t know how to fix it
  • Changing roles in the family ( retirement, wife starts working etc)


Adolescent Counseling:

Adolescence is a time in a persons life where, he/she is neither a child nor an adult. They face conflicting emotions which could make them feel confused and irritated. This is the time when he/she is undergoing a lot of emotional/ physical/ social and moral changes.

Some of the issues faced are:

  • Feel like an outsider, feel isolated
  • Feel no one understands you
  • Have relationship problems, both at home and friends
  • Feeling of anger/ self loathing

A Professional Psychologist can help you express your feelings in a non-judgemental atmosphere without the fear of being criticized/ judged/ rejected and in total confidentiality.

Some of the problems that could be resolved with professional help are..

Withdrawn Behaviour
Isolated / Introvert
Feeling Anxious / Worried
Aggressive / Demanding Behaviour
Temper Tantrums
Friendship Issues
Depression /Attention Problem
Alcohol / Drug Abuse
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